Please honor this

Please honor that it has taken more than 30 years and a lots of time, training in the structure of the mind and funds to get to the point when I was able to crack the code of how to enter into this extraordinary awake state of peace, calm and being connected – many call it home – that I named The Wordless Universe.

In these times the model and the name The Wordless Universe – Det ordløse univers in Danish – is copyright and held in The Ancora Universal foundation as well as all articles on this site written by me and can only be used with my written permission. Damages done by violation of this copyright will be acted upon accordingly.

What I may teach you is for your private use only. Should you wish for others to enjoy  The Wordless Universe, please direct them to me as I am the sovereign holder and trainer of this process.

I may at a later point in time chose train others to become masters and trainers of the process and then – but only then – they will be certified to share and teach it and in ways that will ensure that the participants in coaching sessions and/or at courses will learn how to transcend the mind and enter into The Wordless Universe.

With love and the intend that this process will help us to bring more peace to the men, women and children on this planet

Lisbeth Thurø, Nielsson UCc 1-308


And the healing continues

Lisbeth: Robert, who could have been pushing dasies if it was not for Qisuk  –  did send this update. This remarkable continuation of a process is what we see over and over again, especially when clients opt for a monthly session to maintain a good state.

Robert is a powerful healer too and what you read here shows also how he through his own abilities read and add to the process:

“Please let Qisuk know i have healed more in my sleep patterns and am sleeping more normally. I have not been this awake and at peace within myself since before my head injury.”

“I thank him for doing what he did. I have not felt this good in years. Everything just seems more alive. My strength is returning. I am working in the shop more now warm weather had returned.”

“I have sensed Qisuk’s helpers continued to heal me they do not quit until the job is finished. All they need is a complete set of instructions and they will follow through until they complete the work.”

“I have become freinds with them as have my guardians. I overheard them dressing down my guardians for allowing the tumor to grow and not deal with it themselves. I fell so much better now . My abilites are also more sensitive and enhanced. It is a brand new world. I send my love to you both. Peace.”

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A Miracle – or is this the new normal?

Lisbeth:   Donna, who has sent this testimony to us with her permission to share her story, was thrown out through the windshield of a car in 1977 when a drunken driver ran into the car she was in. Her spine was torn apart and twisted – her jaw damaged.

Since then the medical profession have done the best they could to help her – but the damages on the spine caused Donnas body to be out of control. For the last many years her head has been hanging on her right shoulder and the body has made involuntary movements all the time.

When I first spoke to Donna via Skype, I could not see her face as she could not lift her head – but I did enjoy her intelligence, clarity and confidence in what was about to happen – and her fantastic and beautiful hair. She knew that Qisuk would help her. He did this Sunday. Here is the result:

Lisbeth, here is my testimonial I also sent to Qisuk:

The words thank you doesn’t even come close to the gratitude I have for you and your wonderful, powerful gift of healing.

I laid down in the quiet so I could be totally in touch with my body. Wow! I could feel the changes within my body as they were happening. I could feel my jaw and head moving and changing. Then my arms were tingling and itching as I could feel the energy moving down my spine. I could feel the vibrations going down all the way to my tailbone. After my healing session had ended I knew that the 45 minute healing session had changed my life.

Even though after it was completed I felt as if I’d had major surgery. I was elated, so excited I could hardly contain myself. Thanks to this healing session, I went from my spine being separated and twisted from my head to my pelvic area, with my head laying on my right shoulder for years, to now having everything nearly normal. My head was on straight, my whole spine is hooked together, WOW! I also experienced noticeable improvement in my right eye from a chronic condition I’ve had there.

The amazing thing was that we not only in the same country, but not even on the same continent. You are an amazing person Qisuk with an extraordinary and very powerful gift. I thank God and my friend Martha that recommended you to me , that I found you.

With my deepest and heartfelt gratitude, thank you.

Energy surgery

When we spoke to Donna on Monday evening, 24 hours after the first healing session – she looked straight into the camera. Head up high and the transformation was dramatic – as you can read. This is a miracle – or is it the now and future energy surgery we have just witnessed.

Qisuk took Donna to a place far beyond this reality and there he watched as energies replaced and gave Donna a new spine. That was what he was shown. If it is for real or not – does not matter. This is not something neither the intellect may be able to understand, nor logic. Allow for the result to speak for itself.

The healing process

Please do respect and know that the sessions when Qisuk asks clients to be present and receive healing is but a part of a process. He is online with them over the period of time when the healing process takes place, which can be for weeks and sometime months.

As he says: “I am not a magic wand. Even though it sometimes looks a bit like it.”

The normal process is a series of healings initially with shorter intervals and then follow up sessions to solidify the result and maintain the good state of being, physically and mentally. That is for more serious illnesses.

The process starts ahead of the first session as he is online and already there gathers information and through that is shown what will happen. And this continues in between the sessions.

So please respect this. You must be prepared for and able to pay for 3-5 sessions in order to create the foundation. And still it is individual what further is required.

Each person reacts his or her way – and because some have dramatic results and apparently fast it does not mean that he can fix many years of illness in what looks like no time for everybody. Would be nice if it was so. Most often it takes some sessions to prepare the way.

This was Donnas first session and more will come to help the changes to solidify and add to what has already happened, and to release some of the memory that the body has held since 1977. The beauty of this is that she and Qisuk work so well together.

Opting for receiving energy healing for inner balance, harmony and wellbeing – is naturally another matter.

“I could have been pushing daisies if it was not for Qisuk”

Lisbeth: I was in tears when I read the message below from one of my friends in a Skype room that I am part of. He is such a lovely man and so knowledgable and from his description it could be one of his last posts. It is with his thanks and permission that we can share this with you:

“Brokenwrench: I just came out of a coma like state barely able to think. It is over 30 hours since I ate or drank and I feel full and hungry. At the same time my BP is so high with a 67 pulse. I feel every pulse from head to toe. I tingle with numbness the same way. My feet and most of my legs are on fire and have fever. My belly turned purple from my belt line to bottom of ribs as are my hands and feet. I have never had this happen before. Either my body is healing or I am dying – I just dont know but I am not in any pain. I could not go to dentist due to unable to wake up. I forced myself to eat 2 slices of toast and jelly and 2 mugs of water. I might be fighting a intestinal flu bug. Did about the same symtoms but it has been so long ago I forgot what it was like, only I had a high fever and stayed in bed but this is different. The last clear memory I had was when we ended skype call last night then I was out until I started this post.”

So I asked Qisuk to help him. It became three intense days where I communicated with Robert, who calls himself Brokenwrench, on Skype while Qisuk was online with him in a totally different energy system giving healing and performing what can perhaps be described as energy surgery. A big white thing pressing up under Roberts heart was gently removed. Please do not ask  how this is possible.

This story has a very happy ending. Even the blood pressure that Robert has had problems with for many years now behaves much better, and he is back to work in his workshop.

This is an example of how powerful remote healing is. Robert lives in the USA – we were in France when this happened and received this thank you afterwards and after Robert had taken his family to KFC to celebrate. He had two servings and dessert and enjoyed it.

Please also know that Robert was supported by a lot of people in the room sending him loving healing too. So he was in a lot of good hands.

Robert is a profound healer in his own right and this did help a lot. Qisuk and he just connected so easily.

Here is his mail to us and the people in the skype room witnessing and supporting this profound process, starting with his above cry for help:

“I want to thank all who prayed for me and especially Lisbeth and Qisuk the healer.
Lisbeth told Qisuk about my life threatening state and he went to work right away. She told me he was taking action. I did not feel any changes – I just fell asleep and woke up feeling better. By friday I was on the mend and now I am restored to good health and my BP is 133/87 P87 a far cry from 200 + over 110 P67 heart attack and stroke range.”

“Qisuk told me I had a huge white growth under my heart. On wednesday night of the day the healing started I weighed 270lbs. By friday I weighed 248lbs and since – a couple of weeks later – I have only regained 5lbs. My kidneys had shut sown and I did not have a BM (bowel movement) in a week. When I looked in a full length mirror I saw a void under my heart to my belt line. It has fuilled back in as everything went back in place.”

“To all who are sick: Qisuk has the true supernatural gift of healing. Please contact Lisbeth if you need healing or want to send a donation that will make it possible for him to treat others.. I am living proof he has the real gift of healing.”

“As the bible says a workman is worthy of his hire. When my finaces are better I will be sending him what I can when I can. I am sure if it had not been for his kindness I would have a new job pushing up daisies in the town cemetary by now.”

Again thank you all
Robert Halbrook AKA brokenwrench
You may use this as you see fit

Healing Bubba

Lisbeth: Bubba was in distress and so was his owner Martha. She told about it in a Skype room and I did contact her. Bubba, her life companion on four legs, is 15 and his health was deteriorating. Not unusual for a dog that age.

“His hind legs are failing him, his heart valve is weak (on meds), his trachea is partially collapsed, he has warts and skin tags all over and bumps and black spots”, his Martha wrote. We decided to see what Qisuk could do to at least make Bubba more comfortable, using remote healing between Europe and the USA.

The same day Martha wrote this testimonial:
“Qisuk did a healing session with my pup, Bubba today; he found that his lower body/legs were “cold” energy/weak and he spent about 20 mins sending energies Bubba’s way. Bubba got much calmer as he laid on his back in my lap. He also walked a bit outside and has been alert and ate a good dinner and has been drinking lots.”

“The energy during the session was very incredible. I felt so uplifted being a part of this. During this time when this spiritual battle is so taxing, and relationships have been through such trying times, I wanted to share with you the incredible love that was felt during our time together. I felt such hope and like the life energy was coming back in. Also, Bubba has been barking slightly for his needs to be met, and yet tonight, he stood there just staring at me intently, to telepathically communicate. He’s never done that so intently.”

“The soreness has decreased a lot, so he’s much more peaceful tonight. Now this is living on mission, and practicing one’s gifts. Qisuk “read” that Bubba doesn’t want me to worry, and it was suggested that I focus on our happy times together. Those 2 things felt so “right”. He asked me what I wanted for Bubba…so this is something we can all do with all our pets…they are so intuitively connected to us. He also told me how we will be together again in the future, after his passing. Bubba has been so important in my life, and I’m so grateful.”

Two days later we did another session, and Bubba got even better:

“Bubba is doing MUCH better…his lower extremities were in bad shape…”cold” and now MUCH “warmer”, to quote Qisuk; also, my husband Sonny & I both got good energies from the session….””

“His sores are clearing up, the red spots and lumps have subsided, his shaking legs are mostly controlled…where it seems his pain is lessoned; he stands sporadically so he can pee; drinking, eating, pooping well! AND, get this: during the session, the energies were out of this world; Sonny & I both felt sooooooooooooo ALIVE.”

“Bubba’s communications are even more clear now; barks to talk…and it’s quite evident what he wants. So we’re celebrating all the yrs we’ve had together, and I’m talking to him more!”

We are so glad that Bubba is responding so well – also to once more learn how powerful remote healing is

Perspective: How to stay sane in an insane world


Lisbeth: On the adventure through the healing world we meet so many fantastic people and listen to their stories. Many find this world to be challenging – they do not really feel at home here, and so they do what they can to maintain their version of sanity in an insane world.

This can lead to some jolly moments. One client did spend some time on a mental hospital. Shortly after her arrival one of her fellow “inmates” came to visit. He was highly intelligent, a vet.

He introduced himself and asked why she was there and she responded that she had had a little too much to drink.

He laughed and told her, that she would be ok. His condition was much more serious, he explained. When he was hospitalized he thought he was Jesus. But, he said, he was much better now. He only believed himself to be Arch Angel Gabriel.

She laughs so much  that the tears rundown her cheeks when she tells the story and how she after a while wondered if the sane people of this world was to be found outside the hospital – or inside.