Qisuk – the Shaman Eskimo Healer from Greenland – in London Dec 17th to Jan 15th

Qisuk - the Shaman Eskimo Healer from Greenland

Enjoying the spirit of water, preparing for at month in London from December 17th to January 15th. I shall stay near Holland Park and will be happy to offer my services and healing hands to you.

What you get from my hands is a very clean energy that suits you perfectly. No side effects – just pure energy working for and with you to support your healing and well-being.

I am taught by the immense Nature of Greenland, filled with spirits, carrying with me the thousand years old shaman traditions of the Eskimo people.

This is what clients have said and written recently:

1. “Quite amazing results after 2 sessions of healing.. Follow ups once a month invaluable for Mike’s well-being. I got my husband back after 18 months of illness.” (M.B. France)

2. “A feeling of well-being and peace, to be continued.” (N. Switzerland)

3. “Backache disappears after one session. Will come back for well-being.” (France)

4. “An unplanned healing session with remarkable and unforseen results in 2 sessions in 2 different areas, one mental an the other physical, unlooked for but incredibly apparent.” From a gentleman with an extreme pragmatic attitute to life. (UK)

5. “Filled with great energy after a wonderful shamanic healing by new Eskimo Friend. The most powerful healer I’ve ever met.” (L.H. Denmark)

6. “Just a 20-minute healing session helped my back pain enormously, and, what is more important, the effect stayed. No chiropractor has been able to be that successful ever. Also , Qisuk mentioned that the reason was my emotional problem that hit my stomach…. A lot of things to think of!” (I.B. Russia)

7. “I went to him with an open mind and not particular emotional or physical issues. What I experienced as Qisuk’s wonderful hands held my head, was a complete nurturing support and comfort, just like when I was held as a baby. It was relaxing and healing. I let my thoughts drift away and just let this feeling wrap around me. If Qisuk was in Atlanta, I would go to him each mont for this feeling of well-being”. (A. Atlanta, USA)


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