Greenland – the biggest Island on Earth

I come from the very south of Greenland, the biggest an coldest Island on Earth. Placed in the Arctic, most of Greenland is covered by an icecap which is up to 3000 meters deep. Measuring 2,670 km by 1,050 km it is a vast and extremely beautiful place – the home of a population of only 56.000.

10.000 come from Denmark – they work and live in Greenland – and so the inuit/eskimo population is only about 46.000. So – we have a great living space with a nature so vast that it is humbling. A friend once said, that if you suffer from a big ego – just take a trip to Greenland. Nature will teach you how big you really are.

Most of us live on the south west cost of Greenland and a few on the East coast in small villages. This is how we settled when we arrived to Greenland more than a thousand years ago, probably from China. Our mongolian heritage shows and our language is more similar to the far eastern countries than any of the West.

It is said in our history, that our ancestors were peace lovind peope who decided to walk away from unrest and wars to find a place where they could live peacefully and in harmony with each other and nature.

After a very long march, they found Greenland and settled there, in the hostile and very cold place – but where peace were guaranteed. And the northern lights – and later it became the home of Santa Claus.

That said tongue in cheek – but the spirit of Santa is very much the spirit of the Eskimo people: Friendly, smiling and generous.

To survive there it required a people of great skills and knowledge. Some have regarded the Eskimos as primitive – people who would not survive for days if given the task to live and survive under the same conditions.

But we do. And we have developed advanced tools and techniques allowing us to live and hunt in a place where most would die. Ask any modern engineer to construct a Kayak  or an Igloo – and you will be in for a good laugh when learning how advanced the technology of the Eskimos is. They would not pass the test.

We are deeply and spiritually connected with Nature and our way of communicating is far more sophisticated than most modern communication technlogies.  While the west is impressed by mobile phones and the Internet – we have a common soul and an “Inner Net” that allows us to learn from each other and communicate without words – telepathically.

It is magic and I look forward forward to sharing this with you. It will be the first time eve.

I call my self Eskimo. That is how I was born and grew up. Not untill the middle of the 80ties some invented Inuit which many perfer these days, and I respect this fully. I just still love and honor my heritage as an Eskimo.


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