Mother of the Sea – the Eskimo Goddess

Painted and copyright by Ib Nielsson

Her Story – a World changing idea

While a great part of the world is out of balance, the Eskimo and Inuit People hold the wisdom that can bring everybody back in harmony with Nature. For thousands of years their Goddess has been Mother of the Sea – Sassuma Arnaa. She looks after life on Earth, protecting and sustaining all living Beings.

The Eskimo and Inuit people are living a sustainable life. They have to in order to live and survive in some of the coldest areas on the Planet. They know that if they abuse Nature, Mother of the Sea will call her animals to her leaving them to starve.

When Human Beings live respectfully and in harmony with the Planet, she gracefully releases them so that the Eskimo and Inuit people can eat and live.

Mother of the Sea has a lot to teach modern men and women. This is why we have chosen to tell her story in old and new ways by letting artist bring her into life, offering to share some of the Eskimo Wisdom with the World.  

Celebrate her – and spread her Story. It is worth sharing.


Mission accomplished: The World is now healed

Qisuk has been sleeping a lot since he was dropped off after a succesful world tour with his good friend Santa on Christmas Night. He announces that the combination of pure joy, gifts from the Universe and a healthy portion of healing has done a world of good. And he himself has shared so many cookies with Santa that he kindly refused the offer of another helping when he was happily back home. Image

He predicts 2014 to be a magnificent year of big change for the better and sends lots of love from Santa who is now back in Greenland enjoying himself with Mrs. Claus and all the Elves and Reindeers. They are often online – on the bigger than Internet that he and the other Eskimos use – chatting along about how to make the world an even better place. 


Deadly Medicine and Organized Crime – Peter Gøtzsche


Deadly Medicine and Organised Crime – How Big Pharma is Corrupting Healthcare is a groundbreaking book by danish doctor and leader of the Cocrane Institute in Denmark.

In it he documents how prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer, and he exposes the pharmaceutical industries and their charade of fraudulent behavior, both in research and marketing where the morally repugnant disregard for human lives is the norm 1.

He convincingly draws close comparisons with the tobacco conglomerates, revealing the extraordinary truth behind efforts to confuse and distract the public and their politicians.

The book addresses, in evidence-based detail, an extraordinary system failure caused by widespread crime, corruption, bribery and impotent drug regulation in need of radical reforms.

The book is published in English and Danish and is in the process of being translated into further languages.

In this video – subtitled in English – he explains how he was inspired to write the book and how the medical industry behaves and the effect of many drugs, used by many.

His book has broken the silence about big pharma in main street media in Denmark – now the question of the dangers of medicine is becoming front page news.

What doctors don’t tell you


Lynne McTaggart, author of several very excellent books such as The Bond, The Field and The Intention Experiment and of the website and magazine “What doctors don’t tell you” and her husbans Brian explains what happens when Big Pharma believe you are becoming a threat to their “market” – meaning you and I – by getting the message across that conventional medicine may not be the best solution with all their dangerous side effects, one being death.

Healing has no side effects – and often it gives relief and goes to the root of a challenge, physical or mental – and heals it in a respectful way in harmony with the individual.

So it is a good place to start and use conventional medicine when it is the best solution – or use the combination of both.

The original intention of doctors was “First do no harm”. It would be good to go back to that philosophy. We have plenty to chose from that does heal or aid us in the most humanly harmonious ways – just ask nature and the powerful hands of a good healer.

Energy medicine is powerful and speaks the language of body and mind and the incredible intelligence that is who we are. Let it come into play.

Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year


Lisbeth: I want to wish all of you a wonderful and restful Christmas – we surely need it – and let 2014 be the year when Peace is not only a word in our vocabulary but a state that we own and experience most of the time – internally as well as on the whole Planet. Frankly, we have had enough of the games that has been played on this beautiful planet for far too long.

They are far over their best by date and overdue for retirement.  I will participate by sharing The Wordless Universe – the internal state of focus and peace of the Eskimo Shamans. May it become for everybody on the planet, and we shall have the Paradise that most of dream of.

May the smartness of a few expressed by the destructive economic system be transformed into true sharing of creativity – the essense of source energy – and may Big Pharma be replaced by true healing. The latter produces results and without side effects. May it be the year when people truly expect what is their true heritence: Peace and joy.

In our deepest inner we know that we are playful and joyous children just wanting to have beautiful and joyful experiences toying with the physical world.

As C S Lewis wrote: God loves matter – God created matter.

It is ours to freely enjoy as free spirits.


Cell-talk: Create a positive dialogue with your cells and get better


Create peace with your cells, says Qisuk, and amazing healing can take place.

Qisuk: You know the times when you feel bad, emotionally or physically. Or there are traumatic experiences in your life. Perhaps you have witnessed accidents or violent incidents.

This kind of experience sits in the body as tension and more or less shock. It makes it harder for the body to repair itself as it is designed for and does perfectly most of the time. In order to regain the good health it is important to first remove the shock and process the underlying memories.

When people are affected by serious diseases which medical science and health system describes as incurable or they are diagnosed with terminal illness, it has enormous personal consequences for the individual, because the interior is often paralyzed by fear.

Family and close friends are also affected by fears and insecurities and their reaction patterns affect further the affected person. This leads to imbalances, which give serious challenges as the diseases affect our entire inner voice.

As a healer, I experience how the body communicates. The cells talk to each other and when there are imbalances and shocks the whole body is involved. It is not only where we are experiencing symptoms. This means that we give the invading forces of good conditions to disrupt and weaken our beautiful landscape.

When I heal I focus on the whole human being. It also happens when I for example I heal cancer patients. Here, it is imperative to talk to all parties involved in the body with equal dignity and gentleness. To correct the imbalances it is important first to remove the fear and anxiety, also from family members who worry.

Each cell in our body needs loving care and attention. If we only focus on the area from where the disease seem to reside, the chance to succeed is low. Effective treatment requires that we take into account all cells in the body and speak lovingly and positively to them.

It is normal to be afraid, and it is important to start a peace mission as soon as possible to provide security, peace and balance.

I give warm energy to the body and brain and during the healing. I talk to the cells through my hands. I send my thoughts to my hands and the information is transformed into cells. It is experienced as pleasant warmth and energy that flows into and through the body.

I show respect and kindness to all cells. My philosophy is that war and a dismissive attitude has enormous negative consequences for our ability to live in harmony with all living things that surround us.

Healing is a long process. Effective treatment requires patience and active participation. If you think about contacting a healer, do also pay attention to the healer and not only on yourself. The healer is a person who is also full of emotions. The healer is working hard to help you to get back into balance.

If you have the idea that a single treatment or two will rectify serious imbalances in your body and mind, you have misunderstood the basic philosophy of healing. It is a process and a collaboration between you and the healer, and it takes time and patience. You are the most important part of the healing.

We are so used to fight the disease. There is a war on cancer. It is about winning and losing, and that attitude does more harm than good. It takes time to change tracks and learn to listen and communicate lovingly and respectfully with ourselves and even cancer cells which I have learned are both gentle and extremely intelligent.

They do not wish to do any harm, but when we attack them with chemicals and fear, they naturally react accordingly. Making peace and friends with them creates a quite different base for healing.

I do appreciate that this may be a challenging thought and it does take some time to go from the fear that we have brought up with to inner peace and respect for all that we are. This is where The Wordless Universe that I and Lisbeth master is a powerful tool to accomplish the inner balance and peace where the body can balance itself. Everybody can learn how to go into this state of balance, peace and healing.

We will go more into details about The Wordless universe in the near future. 

Magic and Angels at play

Lisbeth: Syncronicity was in play and made our tip to London one to remember. Flying with Ryanair is always a challenge due to their strict rules and regulations and whatnot – especially when it comes to baggage. So in a state of almost paranoia we attacked the suitcases with measuring tapes and carefully balanced them on the bathroom scale, praying it would align with the ones in the airport.

While standing in line for the check in, I did a little communication with my Spirit Friends: How nice it would be if the one would weigh exactly the allowed 15 kg and the orther the allowed 10 kg – no matter what reality would say. I almost lost it, when the first hit exactly 15 and the other excactly 10 kg. Right on the mg. Qisuk sinned – 10,2 kg, but they let him through despite the 200 g overweight. I was looking forward to what would happen next.

On board we got a complementary cup of tea – that raraly happens – and in the bus from the Airport to Victoria Station a shiny £1 coin welcomed us on one of our seats. And then the bus from Victoria to our friends place, it arrived almost at the very second as we did.

I offered the chauffeur a £20 note and he looked at med as if I came from another planet – which I may well do – and barked at me, that he could not give me change on this fortune. I should have made sure that I did have change for the ride. Everybody knew that.  I looked at him and said that we just arrived after a long and tiresome and wet journey – could he please help.

It was clear that he could not – but he allowed for us to enter the bus, and then I asked some of the other passengers if they could change my £20 note. And again magic happened. One woman said no, but generously sponsored £2, and adding the £1 coin that I found on our seat in the bus from the Airport to Victoria, we could pay for the one ticket.

Another passenger came in – we were only that few – and I asked her too.

“No,” she said, “but how much do you need?” And then she gave me the change that we needed. Needless to say we thanked these two angels – what a welcome to London.

It wil be exciting to learn what else Santa has got for us.

What Qisuk has got for you in the next blog is Celltalk – or how he cured himself from a tumor, simply by using his hands and making friends with the cancer cells.