When our spiritual roots are removed


Qisuk: Being born in 1956 in a tiny village in the very South of Greenland, I grew up with the philosophy and spiritual teachings of the beautiful Eskimo people – that was the only name for us back then – and the Christian teachings that was given to us from Denmark about 300 years ago.

Hans Egede was a Danish priest who arrived to Greenland with the purpose of converting the Eskimo’s into the belief systems of the Danish Kingdom, and it was done in both gentle and less so ways. When the Shamans did not agree with him, he sometimes did beat some sense into them – or so he thought.

Eskimos do not believe in Hell and indeed not in being unloving to other people by for example throwing out one of your two wives knowing that she and your children would die. They did believe in taking care of one and another and that meant sometimes for one man to have more wives – one reason being that many men were killed while fishing and hunting, and so other members of the village could take care of his family. Christianity did not agree with this.

We live in total harmony with nature and our god is Mother of the Sea, a woman living on the ocean floor, taking care of the balance of nature and human beings. I will tell her story in a later blog.

We have a long traditions for what you would call sexual freedom. In reality it was an intelligent way of making sure that fresh blood was invited into the small villages so that the dangers of inbreeding was limited. Before knowing about this, the Eskimo holds the wisdom to maintain a healthy and strong population. And this is why you hear about the tradition for a man to offer his wife to strangers or other male guests visiting.

Needless to say that this did not go down well with the Christian religion and it took many years before we got to the point when Greenland could be called Christian – some as late as 1933. But – under the surface, we are a nature people, one reason beling that it is what guarantee our survival in one of the most harsh and cold places on the planet.

But the resent years another influence has done what the priests did not totally succeed in: The installment of a modern society a la Denmark with all the control and bureaucracy, European style schooling and teachings, testning of kids according to international standards etc. It makes no sense to an Eskimo kid.

The effect is sacry. From being some of the most peaceful and kind people on the Planet – that is still how we meet you – Greenland has broken some rather terrifying world records:

Violence has exploded – we not hold the no. 1 record in the world per capita.
The suicide rate has in the same way mounted to a frightening 1st place – and it is often kids and adolesents who leave the world
5000 kids are not thriving. This is a staggering number considering a population of only 56.000 of which 10.000 are danes

This is what happens when you cut the cultural and spiritual roots from a population. It is happening far too fast – if at all it should happen – in Greenland. And this is why Russell Brand’s message about the need for a spiritual revolution rings true for me.

I am doing what  I can to inspire my people to look at the enormous wealth we hold in our original culture. Many agree but many are so fascinated with the idea of becoming like the westeners – and they have been trained in disrespecting their own culture, and that is sad.

We must retrieve that as a foundation in order to develop our society in a healthy and meaningful manner. Otherise we – and the planet – will loose wisdom and spiritual wealth that can be the foundation for at healthy and happy planet.

Lisbeth keeps remining me that the difference between my people and the Europeans simply is the timespand from being naturally connected to nature and animals and the nature spirits and the higher dimensions – and to loosing it. Europeans have sort of gotten used to being disconnected – it has a numbing effect while you can watch the pain that it causes in my people because it has happened over just one generation.

It is time to reconnect to what really matters for us as human beings – and that is NOT the internet, the Ipad, Ipod and television – it is retrieving our inner most valuable resources: Our selves.


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