Magic and Angels at play

Lisbeth: Syncronicity was in play and made our tip to London one to remember. Flying with Ryanair is always a challenge due to their strict rules and regulations and whatnot – especially when it comes to baggage. So in a state of almost paranoia we attacked the suitcases with measuring tapes and carefully balanced them on the bathroom scale, praying it would align with the ones in the airport.

While standing in line for the check in, I did a little communication with my Spirit Friends: How nice it would be if the one would weigh exactly the allowed 15 kg and the orther the allowed 10 kg – no matter what reality would say. I almost lost it, when the first hit exactly 15 and the other excactly 10 kg. Right on the mg. Qisuk sinned – 10,2 kg, but they let him through despite the 200 g overweight. I was looking forward to what would happen next.

On board we got a complementary cup of tea – that raraly happens – and in the bus from the Airport to Victoria Station a shiny £1 coin welcomed us on one of our seats. And then the bus from Victoria to our friends place, it arrived almost at the very second as we did.

I offered the chauffeur a £20 note and he looked at med as if I came from another planet – which I may well do – and barked at me, that he could not give me change on this fortune. I should have made sure that I did have change for the ride. Everybody knew that.  I looked at him and said that we just arrived after a long and tiresome and wet journey – could he please help.

It was clear that he could not – but he allowed for us to enter the bus, and then I asked some of the other passengers if they could change my £20 note. And again magic happened. One woman said no, but generously sponsored £2, and adding the £1 coin that I found on our seat in the bus from the Airport to Victoria, we could pay for the one ticket.

Another passenger came in – we were only that few – and I asked her too.

“No,” she said, “but how much do you need?” And then she gave me the change that we needed. Needless to say we thanked these two angels – what a welcome to London.

It wil be exciting to learn what else Santa has got for us.

What Qisuk has got for you in the next blog is Celltalk – or how he cured himself from a tumor, simply by using his hands and making friends with the cancer cells.


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