Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year


Lisbeth: I want to wish all of you a wonderful and restful Christmas – we surely need it – and let 2014 be the year when Peace is not only a word in our vocabulary but a state that we own and experience most of the time – internally as well as on the whole Planet. Frankly, we have had enough of the games that has been played on this beautiful planet for far too long.

They are far over their best by date and overdue for retirement.  I will participate by sharing The Wordless Universe – the internal state of focus and peace of the Eskimo Shamans. May it become for everybody on the planet, and we shall have the Paradise that most of dream of.

May the smartness of a few expressed by the destructive economic system be transformed into true sharing of creativity – the essense of source energy – and may Big Pharma be replaced by true healing. The latter produces results and without side effects. May it be the year when people truly expect what is their true heritence: Peace and joy.

In our deepest inner we know that we are playful and joyous children just wanting to have beautiful and joyful experiences toying with the physical world.

As C S Lewis wrote: God loves matter – God created matter.

It is ours to freely enjoy as free spirits.



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