Deadly Medicine and Organized Crime – Peter Gøtzsche

Deadly Medicine and Organised Crime – How Big Pharma is Corrupting Healthcare is a groundbreaking book by danish doctor and leader of the Cocrane Institute in Denmark.

In it he documents how prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer, and he exposes the pharmaceutical industries and their charade of fraudulent behavior, both in research and marketing where the morally repugnant disregard for human lives is the norm 1.

He convincingly draws close comparisons with the tobacco conglomerates, revealing the extraordinary truth behind efforts to confuse and distract the public and their politicians.

The book addresses, in evidence-based detail, an extraordinary system failure caused by widespread crime, corruption, bribery and impotent drug regulation in need of radical reforms.

The book is published in English and Danish and is in the process of being translated into further languages.

In this video – subtitled in English – he explains how he was inspired to write the book and how the medical industry behaves and the effect of many drugs, used by many.

His book has broken the silence about big pharma in main street media in Denmark – now the question of the dangers of medicine is becoming front page news.


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