Mother of the Sea – the Eskimo Goddess

Painted and copyright by Ib Nielsson

Her Story – a World changing idea

While a great part of the world is out of balance, the Eskimo and Inuit People hold the wisdom that can bring everybody back in harmony with Nature. For thousands of years their Goddess has been Mother of the Sea – Sassuma Arnaa. She looks after life on Earth, protecting and sustaining all living Beings.

The Eskimo and Inuit people are living a sustainable life. They have to in order to live and survive in some of the coldest areas on the Planet. They know that if they abuse Nature, Mother of the Sea will call her animals to her leaving them to starve.

When Human Beings live respectfully and in harmony with the Planet, she gracefully releases them so that the Eskimo and Inuit people can eat and live.

Mother of the Sea has a lot to teach modern men and women. This is why we have chosen to tell her story in old and new ways by letting artist bring her into life, offering to share some of the Eskimo Wisdom with the World.  

Celebrate her – and spread her Story. It is worth sharing.


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