All is alive: The singing Plants at Damanhur

For the Eskimo and Inuit people everything is alive. The rocks, the ocean, the clouds, your car. Every thing has intelligence and consiousness and as such it must be respected.

The singing plants at Damanhur demonstrate this so clearly. By a stroke of intuition and genius some of the people in this Community in the north of Italy wanted to find out, if they could communicate with plants.

They played classical music for plants and then linked them up with a computer and a synthesizer only to learn, that the language of the plants were far more complex and extraordinary than they had ever dreamt of: The plants composed the most beautiful music.

Further the composer plants would train other plants when placed beside them for a priod of time. They learn from one and another.

This of course poses some questions: The next time you enjoy delicious vegetables or a salad you may potentially devour what could turn into a new Mozart, Vivaldi, McCartney or Beethoven.

So, is it better to be a vegetarian than a meat eater? A difficult question after this video.
But is shows the power of sound that Stewart Pearce talks about.

Enjoy more about Damanhur at


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