Another amazing story – my knees

DSC01410Lisbeth: We walked so much in London that my knees began to make noises – real noises and painful ones. I started to be a little hesitant about stairs and inside me I experienced a disbelief that i behaved like an old woman. Not possible!

My old energy logic told me that it was my weight and age – not much to do about it. To be expected and so on. But then I got on the healing table for about an hour and now we are back to normal. My knees and I are absolutely fine. Just lost about 25 years of age.

This defies all modern scientific story telling of possibilities and impossibilites. About joints that wear out and then must be replaced, painfully etc. etc.

I am glad that we did not attend to it earlier. Could have, but did not. Now I got this first hand experince of what I often see when Qisuk put his hands and energy on clients and some of their aches and pains dissapear.

It is a process. Most often it takes a series of healings – sometimes only a few – during which he creates this amazing dialogue with body and cells that allows for the healing to take place. The body knows absolutely how to use the energy and it always seeks optimal health.

It is important to know that it is not something that Qisuk alone does to you – it is a cocreation, not a magic wand although it sometimes seems to be so. So the participation and responsibility for the healing also rests upon you as a client.

I am blessed as I walk in his energy field all day long, so it drips off. The communication field is open at all times – and that is sooo good.


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