The Wordless Universe: Pure bliss, peace, relaxation, being on holiday, not wanting to come back to “normal”

Lisbeth: Once again I experienced the amazing effect of people being guided into the Wordless Universe: They wanted to stay there – none had a desire to come back to socalled normality.

The workshop we did a few days ago was with a very mixed group of people. Some meditate – some don’t, but none – that is normal – had any clue about HOW we think. It is “just” something that we do very well and totally unconsciously.

In order to gain access to The Wordless Universe of the Eskimos the first step is to become aware of and be able to observe your thoughts. Because, as Qisuk once said, that is were we create all our problems.

Only when we can observe out thoughts we have a chance to make choises. Till that happens they run on automatic pilote for most, and they run us rather than we control them and use them purposfully.

The beauty about The Wordless Universe that it is beyond the normal thoughts and it is very simple and easy to access, once you understand the structure of the mind. Everybody till today just go there once guided.

It is such a peaceful and natural state of being that everybody just recognizes, beyond words and time. It feels like being at home and that, I guess, is why all till today are very reluctant about coming back to “reality”.

Is it meditation? Not really, but it is a meditative state.
Is it mindfulness? No. Mindfulness i a paceful state where you learn to just observe and allow thoughts to be.

The Wordless Universe exists beyond both and you can be in that state while you work – or relax. You will easily be focused and you can respond to what is going on around you. But inside, there is a world of difference.

Picture. The Eskimos have learned how to access the Wordless Universe from nature and from standing on ice floes in a ice cold and hostile but very beautiful environment for hours looking for seals. If you are in what we call a normal state of mind, you would go crazy. Being in the Wordless Universe you are fine.


Contact me if you would be interested in sponsoring a 3 days course in your area.


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