Becoming connected to Life itself through The Wordless Universe

They too enjoy The Wordless Universe – all the time

Lisbeth: I am slowly understanding how extraordinay The Wordless Universe is. I is not meditation, it is not Mindfulness – both are fantastic – it is something much more profound.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, once knowing the structure of the mind and thoughts it takes but a few minutes to guide groups into the state, which they immediately recognize as something very familiar – so much that they do not want to come back to “reality”. It is truly liberating.

That of course poses the question:  What is the reality that we are so used to being a part of? And how come we instantly want to give it up for The Wordless Universe once given the opportunity.

I have – like many that I know – for the last 3-4 years been through a period with some challenges and stress. The world is changing rapidly and the mind does not like so many changes so fast. But that is what is happening these days, and it does not slow down. We are in the middle of a big Shift, moving into unknown territories.

This morning I faced another challenge that would normally have ruined my day and sent me into a negative state of worrying, internal dialogue and low energy, combined with anger: When will this stop.

I know how to take myself out of these states. Still, I did not look forward to dealing with the practicalities of said situation, not at all. Waste of life, waste of time.

I do a bit of channelling and auto writing, so I asked my friends what this was about and why I had to deal with all the BS, and the response made so much sense: Normally I do well in life. I am quite skilled in making it work for me, and so the frustration is big when we do not dance well together, like I have been used to.

It is as if the rules have changed and I have not quite figured the new ones out yet. Highly irritating. Then I just want to go Home to where I know I come from.

And so I start challenging “The Universe” asking for them to communicate with me in manners that I can understand. We have had quite a few sessions like that.

Then I watch Qisuk sitting on the other side of the table in The Wordless Universe, unchallened by the chaos of life, with a little smile, enjoying what he is doing. Being at peace in the eye of the storm.

He has very human sides too, but most of the time all the bad weather of life seems to move around him – it does not affect his inner state.

This morning I really understood that I had got it: I was calm an untouched by the situation. Totally.

My “Friends” whom I talked to explained: “Only through the stress and challenges that you have experienced can you truly appreciate the extraordinary value of The Wordless Universe. You know that now and that will give you the power to bring it to the world”.

The Mind is often in fear and a bit of chaos. It is like a child in a very confusing world filled with too much information. Overload is almost normal these days – it is called stress – and the Mind does what it can to try to navigate in the chaos and help us surviving. But it is a bit like sending a 5year old out on a motorway, at least in what we call modern societies. A lot of fun too, good moments, nice people – but for far to many people the core state is far too stress- and fearful.

By entering The Wordless Univers – all that ceases immediately. Words, inner dialogue, the sense of urgency and nerveosness – chose your own – vanish like vapor in the morning sun, an calm an peace takes over. Still, you are very much awake.

The beauty is that it is a state you can take with you. It was created by eskimos who had to learn to live in an environment more dangerous than a motorway. Being in The Wordless Universe that does not matter.

“No”, Qisuk said when I told about my insights, “beacuse you are connected to Life itself.”

And then he continued writing. Of course – what else! Meaning the bigger life that reaches into and beyond the Universe.

One day our tired and worn out Mind, as we know it today, will be sent on a well deserved retirement a nice place. The Wordless Universe will take over – peace will prevail.



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