Dismantling the Matrix from The Wordless Universe


Lisbeth: I am slowly learning the importance of The Wordless Universe. When Qisuk and I spoke about it the other day and he in his laid back way just stated that it is where you connect to life itself – or the life force of the Universe – I realized: It makes us transcend The Matrix. It makes us go beyond the Veil. Very simply and very easily.

In The Wordless Universe we are free and we connect to Universes and all the energy and information there IS. It is The Field of Unending Possibilities that they speak of in Quantum Physics – not as a concept but as a state of being. It is the creative force itself.

– From there we also can dismantle the structure of The Matrix that does not serve us, Qisuk says. We can free our selves from the thought structures that has kept us trapped in rigid and repetitive structures for thousands of years on this planet. 

The Shamans and Great Hunters from his culture know this.

– When the Americans landed on the  moon and the World was so impressed, they just smiled. We – like other indigenious people – travel to the moon and other planets and galaxies effortlessly, Qisuk says. We are not limited by the thought or physical forms of this world. We know of true freedom.

This has till now been a well kept secret amongst the Eskimo/Inuit people. When the missionaries came to Greenland they were welcomed by the friendly Eskimos. They wanted to hear about the great healer and shaman, Jesus, and expected that naturally the priests could to what he did.

When they learned that it was not so and they understood, that the missionaries did not understand their world, they politely closed the door to their fantastic universe.

This is why Qisuk is so much more relaxed in this world than I am. He enjoys the planet and nature and wants to experience as much as possible and in between he just takes a trip to the Solar System far away from ours that he calls his own. It is a place where duality exist in total and peaceful harmony.  At the same time he engages himself totally in debates and strives of making his big country a better place to be.


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