Spirit of money: Pure playful creative energy

Lisbeth: According to the Eskimo everything is alive and everything has a soul. They are animistic people – and I totally agree with that way of thinking. Walt Disney knew and somehow it rings true with many people.

Shortly after Qisuk and I met we were dining at a restaurant. A few days before I had done a little experiment: I held a 100 euro note softly between the palm of my hands and just sensed it and the energy behind it. I was taken out into the Universe by a childlike and very happy and playful purely creative energy: I was sensig Spirit of money.

Not a trace of evil or bad – just pure positive creative energy. That is what universes are created from.

Now I offered a note to Qisuk and asked him with no further explanation to hold and sense it – and in a split second he was out there too, sensing this totally positive energy and describing it to me.

It belongs to us all and it is abslutely free. In quantum physics they call it dark matter – because they cannot see it but they know it is there – and it holds more free energy than we can imagine. It belongs to us and with it we can create anything.

I believe it is time to give Spirit of Money back her freedom on this planet.



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