Perspective: How to stay sane in an insane world


Lisbeth: On the adventure through the healing world we meet so many fantastic people and listen to their stories. Many find this world to be challenging – they do not really feel at home here, and so they do what they can to maintain their version of sanity in an insane world.

This can lead to some jolly moments. One client did spend some time on a mental hospital. Shortly after her arrival one of her fellow “inmates” came to visit. He was highly intelligent, a vet.

He introduced himself and asked why she was there and she responded that she had had a little too much to drink.

He laughed and told her, that she would be ok. His condition was much more serious, he explained. When he was hospitalized he thought he was Jesus. But, he said, he was much better now. He only believed himself to be Arch Angel Gabriel.

She laughs so much  that the tears rundown her cheeks when she tells the story and how she after a while wondered if the sane people of this world was to be found outside the hospital – or inside.


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