And the healing continues

Lisbeth: Robert, who could have been pushing dasies if it was not for Qisuk  –  did send this update. This remarkable continuation of a process is what we see over and over again, especially when clients opt for a monthly session to maintain a good state.

Robert is a powerful healer too and what you read here shows also how he through his own abilities read and add to the process:

“Please let Qisuk know i have healed more in my sleep patterns and am sleeping more normally. I have not been this awake and at peace within myself since before my head injury.”

“I thank him for doing what he did. I have not felt this good in years. Everything just seems more alive. My strength is returning. I am working in the shop more now warm weather had returned.”

“I have sensed Qisuk’s helpers continued to heal me they do not quit until the job is finished. All they need is a complete set of instructions and they will follow through until they complete the work.”

“I have become freinds with them as have my guardians. I overheard them dressing down my guardians for allowing the tumor to grow and not deal with it themselves. I fell so much better now . My abilites are also more sensitive and enhanced. It is a brand new world. I send my love to you both. Peace.”


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