Please honor this

Please honor that it has taken more than 30 years and a lots of time, training in the structure of the mind and funds to get to the point when I was able to crack the code of how to enter into this extraordinary awake state of peace, calm and being connected – many call it home – that I named The Wordless Universe.

In these times the model and the name The Wordless Universe – Det ordløse univers in Danish – is copyright and held in The Ancora Universal foundation as well as all articles on this site written by me and can only be used with my written permission. Damages done by violation of this copyright will be acted upon accordingly.

What I may teach you is for your private use only. Should you wish for others to enjoy  The Wordless Universe, please direct them to me as I am the sovereign holder and trainer of this process.

I may at a later point in time chose train others to become masters and trainers of the process and then – but only then – they will be certified to share and teach it and in ways that will ensure that the participants in coaching sessions and/or at courses will learn how to transcend the mind and enter into The Wordless Universe.

With love and the intend that this process will help us to bring more peace to the men, women and children on this planet

Lisbeth Thurø, Nielsson UCc 1-308


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