About Qisuk

Taught as a Shaman by the vast Nature of Greenland – Qisuk is a Theologian and Economist too – he offers Healing, Well-being and Stress Relief.

What you get from his hands is a very clean and powerful enegy, that suits you perfectly. No sideeffects – just pure energy working for and with you to support your healing and well-being.

He travels to other universes and galaxies – this is a natural part of the Eskimo Shamanic Traditions – and brings unique healing energies back to Earth.

Further he spends most of his awake time in an inner state of peace that he learned while standing on the ice for hours as a hunter and fisherman in Greenland to bring back food to his village. They drift into a awake and very focused but totally calm state where inner dialogues cease, time dissapears and peace prevail. He calls it “The Wordless Universe”.

From here you communicate with Nature and her animals telepathically – a natural way to communicate for many of the indegenious people of Greenland. They operate beyond the Internet too.

Lisbeth Nielsson has cracked the code of how to enter this highly spiritual and awake meditative state so that it may be taught to others in days – a change from the traditional ways where you have to spend years on the ice to allow nature and the great hunters teach you through your own experience.

This is the art of being in the powerful Now at its fullest, now made available to all who wish to learn.



2 thoughts on “About Qisuk

  1. Hi there,

    A friend of your posted that you were coming to london for a little while so I came onto your website and wanted to find out a little more about your stay : ).
    Would be interested in healing and your work but of course it all boils down to money.
    How does the payment process work?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,


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