Ouuuch – I burned my hand severely

Lisbeth: How many miracles can happen on one day? The answer is unlimited. We had a good helping a few days ago.

First I sat watching Qisuk working with a young woman with psoreasis. While he worked on her left arm, the spots on her right arm responded as well and started changing colour and some faded. It is sometimes hard to believe your own eyes – but it was happening right there.


Later I created another chance for healing. I was cooking a roast in foil for our guests and sucked up the boiling hot juices for the sauce with a pipette. It was so hot that is simply exploded out of the pipette over my left hand.

– Oh no, I thought while holding my hand under cool water, this may be a painful evening. But then I called for Qisuk who healed the hand for about 10 minutes.

The pain was gone in a few minutes and the skin is totally unharmed – not a trace left.

This is what happens when you tap into our natural energies and trust the body’s ability to heal itself. It can do so almost immediately once we get our mind out of the way, and Qisuk knows how to do so.

Later that evening one of our guests, who is a hairdresser mentioned his neck which gives him problems and has done so for years. It often comes with the occupation – holding your arms up all day long is a heavy duty.

Almost immediately Qisuk’s hands started working even though he sat on the other side of the table, and our guest felt a strong heat in his neck. This happened in the middle of the desert.

I took the above picture of my hand the day after – not a trace of any burns. Magic. Or simply the new normal.



A love story


A love story

Lisbeth: I so often hear Qisuk talking about how wise and clever animals and insects are. One morning he was in deep admiration of a cobweb. Even though these small beings have never attended any school or university, they know how to create fantastic structures with great precision at the moment they come into this world. They link up to The Wordless Universe – that is all that is needed.

Qisuk’s point is also demonstrated by this meeting between a National Geographic Photographer and a leopard seal in the Arctics. It could have been fatal – but ended as a love affair. This the biggest predator of the Arctics nurtured and fed the photographer for four days. What else – just look at her kind and lovely smile.

You may enjoy the whole series of photographs here. http://www.rense.com/general96/diver.html

Spirit of money: Pure playful creative energy

Lisbeth: According to the Eskimo everything is alive and everything has a soul. They are animistic people – and I totally agree with that way of thinking. Walt Disney knew and somehow it rings true with many people.

Shortly after Qisuk and I met we were dining at a restaurant. A few days before I had done a little experiment: I held a 100 euro note softly between the palm of my hands and just sensed it and the energy behind it. I was taken out into the Universe by a childlike and very happy and playful purely creative energy: I was sensig Spirit of money.

Not a trace of evil or bad – just pure positive creative energy. That is what universes are created from.

Now I offered a note to Qisuk and asked him with no further explanation to hold and sense it – and in a split second he was out there too, sensing this totally positive energy and describing it to me.

It belongs to us all and it is abslutely free. In quantum physics they call it dark matter – because they cannot see it but they know it is there – and it holds more free energy than we can imagine. It belongs to us and with it we can create anything.

I believe it is time to give Spirit of Money back her freedom on this planet.


The children of Greenland suffer and die from educational malnutrition

Image Picture by Victor Cerutti

Lisbeth: I just watched a video in which an ex Wall Street banker told his story about being addicted to wealth in the hope of avoiding fear and how he had turned this into something more useful – by helping people and indeed children, through educating them about non-toxic and good nutrition.

That is so important. But  so is what we put into our heads, hearts and brains. Malnutrition in the educational system is fatal and it becomes evident for a people and children who are forced through a very rapid change from a thousand year old indigenous culture into “modern” society a la Western World style: The Inuit/Eskimos of Greenland.

Even though their children are living in one of the cleanest and most pristine places on the planet and from the best food you can imagine, in one of the richest kingdoms in the World, Denmark, staggering statistics show that:

5,000 children in Greenland are suffering – out of the indiginous population of 46.000 people. Further 10.000 Danes live and work in Greenland
One third of the children never finish primary school and half drop out of higher educations.

The suicide rate in Greenland holds a sad world record – many of these are adolescents.
Violence amongst these normally peaceful people is soaring.

Denmark turned Greenland into a colony about 300 years ago, and for the past 60 years the peaceful Inuit and Eskimos have gone through a very fast development to become a self governing – that is good – and “modern” society.

Under Danish rule and with the best of intentions, the Inuit/Eskimo people have been “motivated” to move from the small villages as fishermen and hunters – their living spaces for more than at thousand years – to bigger cities on this huge 2,700 km long and 1,500 km wide ice covered island, into modern apartments sponsored by Denmark. They did not match the cultural values and the inuit/eskimo way of life very well.

They further were given alcohol to remedy the pain – which their bodies genetically cannot tolerate. Many have died.

Today they are doing amazingly good – the alcohol consumption is less than in Denmark, but the pain is there.

They have been given the Danish educational system – with all the best of intentions – which makes little sense for a nature child born in Greenland. Their books and literature is predominantly Danish, referring to a country and culture that is alien for them.

They are supposed to sit in a room learning by listening – while coming from a culture where you learn through oral traditions, by observing and actively doing, most of the time being out in and communicating with nature.

So there is a clash of cultures inside their heads and souls.

“The system” including the young government of Greenland has till now failed to remedy the situation, even though they try, but again the Danish way by for example wanting to test the children more – from the age of 9 months to prepare them for education.


They fail to listen to the the real experts: The children and adolescents, who are giving an important and very serious feedback. They say no thanks to the life and education offered to them, and in which their amazing original culture holds less and less space.

Their cultural roots are being amputated and they are confused and too many chose to leave the world.

It is time we start listening, very carefully. For theirs and our sake. They are the canaries in the mines and they are dying.

They give important feed back to the western cultures. Even though we believe we have gotten used to the hieratical system over a much larger span of years with all its competition and focus on economy, soaring stress rates – which is acknowledged to be the cause of most diseases – show that we may benefit from pausing and start pondering:

What we are doing to our selves and each other?
And which sort of society do we really wish to be a part of?

I want to help the children of Greenland.

I want to start and fund a project in which a group of people with the proper understanding, skills, heart and finances will gather and use the feedback from these amazing people and importantly their 5,000 children and young who suffer unnecessary and who needs help here and now.

The existing system does not hold the solutions – so we need to find them.

We wish to learn from a people who still remembers how it is being human – Inuit means human being – and being connected to spirit and nature.

We wish to co-create with them social structures that we will enjoy and educational systems that suits human beings of today.

They already have social structures and a traditional educational system that is much more human shaped that those mostly used in the Western World, where an increasing number of students are severely stressed – more thatn 50% on universities in Denmark –  and where WHO predicts that depression will be the number one cause of death in a few years. But they are being boooed out of existence claimed to be primitive.

I wish naturally to bring together the best of all worlds.

And I wish to learn something from them that may even bring healing to the fearful bankers in places like Wall Street.

The indigenous people of Greenland know how to abolish fear.
Their hunters know how to do this and I have modelled part of their amazing skills so that we can share it with others. I call it The Wordless Universe – an inner place of peace and at the same time focus, a state out of time and with no fear.

That in itself can make huge changes for many, privately, in schools and in the public and the corporate world. What a gift for the world. Everybody should have a set of keys.

I do appreciate that the people in Greenland share destiny with many other indigenous people. Sadly their story is not unique. We hear similar stories from the whole of the Inuit/Eskimo world (Canada, Alaska, Siberia, Greenland, Lapland) as well as American Indians, Australian Aboriginals, tribes in South America and Africa etc. etc.

Our goal is to use Greenland as a model and then to offer the results to other people in the world.

But we got to start one place. The advantage of Greenland is that it’s one of the few places where the indigenous people are 80% of the population and that they are self governing.  And Qisuk knows it inside out, and so it is a good vantage point.

I dream about getting a lot of help to create and fund this project – and so if you have ideas, connections, passion, access to funding and a desire to learn, please contact us.

I look forward to hearing from you.

skype: lisbethnielsson

Dismantling the Matrix from The Wordless Universe


Lisbeth: I am slowly learning the importance of The Wordless Universe. When Qisuk and I spoke about it the other day and he in his laid back way just stated that it is where you connect to life itself – or the life force of the Universe – I realized: It makes us transcend The Matrix. It makes us go beyond the Veil. Very simply and very easily.

In The Wordless Universe we are free and we connect to Universes and all the energy and information there IS. It is The Field of Unending Possibilities that they speak of in Quantum Physics – not as a concept but as a state of being. It is the creative force itself.

– From there we also can dismantle the structure of The Matrix that does not serve us, Qisuk says. We can free our selves from the thought structures that has kept us trapped in rigid and repetitive structures for thousands of years on this planet. 

The Shamans and Great Hunters from his culture know this.

– When the Americans landed on the  moon and the World was so impressed, they just smiled. We – like other indigenious people – travel to the moon and other planets and galaxies effortlessly, Qisuk says. We are not limited by the thought or physical forms of this world. We know of true freedom.

This has till now been a well kept secret amongst the Eskimo/Inuit people. When the missionaries came to Greenland they were welcomed by the friendly Eskimos. They wanted to hear about the great healer and shaman, Jesus, and expected that naturally the priests could to what he did.

When they learned that it was not so and they understood, that the missionaries did not understand their world, they politely closed the door to their fantastic universe.

This is why Qisuk is so much more relaxed in this world than I am. He enjoys the planet and nature and wants to experience as much as possible and in between he just takes a trip to the Solar System far away from ours that he calls his own. It is a place where duality exist in total and peaceful harmony.  At the same time he engages himself totally in debates and strives of making his big country a better place to be.

Becoming connected to Life itself through The Wordless Universe

They too enjoy The Wordless Universe – all the time

Lisbeth: I am slowly understanding how extraordinay The Wordless Universe is. I is not meditation, it is not Mindfulness – both are fantastic – it is something much more profound.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, once knowing the structure of the mind and thoughts it takes but a few minutes to guide groups into the state, which they immediately recognize as something very familiar – so much that they do not want to come back to “reality”. It is truly liberating.

That of course poses the question:  What is the reality that we are so used to being a part of? And how come we instantly want to give it up for The Wordless Universe once given the opportunity.

I have – like many that I know – for the last 3-4 years been through a period with some challenges and stress. The world is changing rapidly and the mind does not like so many changes so fast. But that is what is happening these days, and it does not slow down. We are in the middle of a big Shift, moving into unknown territories.

This morning I faced another challenge that would normally have ruined my day and sent me into a negative state of worrying, internal dialogue and low energy, combined with anger: When will this stop.

I know how to take myself out of these states. Still, I did not look forward to dealing with the practicalities of said situation, not at all. Waste of life, waste of time.

I do a bit of channelling and auto writing, so I asked my friends what this was about and why I had to deal with all the BS, and the response made so much sense: Normally I do well in life. I am quite skilled in making it work for me, and so the frustration is big when we do not dance well together, like I have been used to.

It is as if the rules have changed and I have not quite figured the new ones out yet. Highly irritating. Then I just want to go Home to where I know I come from.

And so I start challenging “The Universe” asking for them to communicate with me in manners that I can understand. We have had quite a few sessions like that.

Then I watch Qisuk sitting on the other side of the table in The Wordless Universe, unchallened by the chaos of life, with a little smile, enjoying what he is doing. Being at peace in the eye of the storm.

He has very human sides too, but most of the time all the bad weather of life seems to move around him – it does not affect his inner state.

This morning I really understood that I had got it: I was calm an untouched by the situation. Totally.

My “Friends” whom I talked to explained: “Only through the stress and challenges that you have experienced can you truly appreciate the extraordinary value of The Wordless Universe. You know that now and that will give you the power to bring it to the world”.

The Mind is often in fear and a bit of chaos. It is like a child in a very confusing world filled with too much information. Overload is almost normal these days – it is called stress – and the Mind does what it can to try to navigate in the chaos and help us surviving. But it is a bit like sending a 5year old out on a motorway, at least in what we call modern societies. A lot of fun too, good moments, nice people – but for far to many people the core state is far too stress- and fearful.

By entering The Wordless Univers – all that ceases immediately. Words, inner dialogue, the sense of urgency and nerveosness – chose your own – vanish like vapor in the morning sun, an calm an peace takes over. Still, you are very much awake.

The beauty is that it is a state you can take with you. It was created by eskimos who had to learn to live in an environment more dangerous than a motorway. Being in The Wordless Universe that does not matter.

“No”, Qisuk said when I told about my insights, “beacuse you are connected to Life itself.”

And then he continued writing. Of course – what else! Meaning the bigger life that reaches into and beyond the Universe.

One day our tired and worn out Mind, as we know it today, will be sent on a well deserved retirement a nice place. The Wordless Universe will take over – peace will prevail.