Healing Bubba

Lisbeth: Bubba was in distress and so was his owner Martha. She told about it in a Skype room and I did contact her. Bubba, her life companion on four legs, is 15 and his health was deteriorating. Not unusual for a dog that age.

“His hind legs are failing him, his heart valve is weak (on meds), his trachea is partially collapsed, he has warts and skin tags all over and bumps and black spots”, his Martha wrote. We decided to see what Qisuk could do to at least make Bubba more comfortable, using remote healing between Europe and the USA.

The same day Martha wrote this testimonial:
“Qisuk did a healing session with my pup, Bubba today; he found that his lower body/legs were “cold” energy/weak and he spent about 20 mins sending energies Bubba’s way. Bubba got much calmer as he laid on his back in my lap. He also walked a bit outside and has been alert and ate a good dinner and has been drinking lots.”

“The energy during the session was very incredible. I felt so uplifted being a part of this. During this time when this spiritual battle is so taxing, and relationships have been through such trying times, I wanted to share with you the incredible love that was felt during our time together. I felt such hope and like the life energy was coming back in. Also, Bubba has been barking slightly for his needs to be met, and yet tonight, he stood there just staring at me intently, to telepathically communicate. He’s never done that so intently.”

“The soreness has decreased a lot, so he’s much more peaceful tonight. Now this is living on mission, and practicing one’s gifts. Qisuk “read” that Bubba doesn’t want me to worry, and it was suggested that I focus on our happy times together. Those 2 things felt so “right”. He asked me what I wanted for Bubba…so this is something we can all do with all our pets…they are so intuitively connected to us. He also told me how we will be together again in the future, after his passing. Bubba has been so important in my life, and I’m so grateful.”

Two days later we did another session, and Bubba got even better:

“Bubba is doing MUCH better…his lower extremities were in bad shape…”cold” and now MUCH “warmer”, to quote Qisuk; also, my husband Sonny & I both got good energies from the session….””

“His sores are clearing up, the red spots and lumps have subsided, his shaking legs are mostly controlled…where it seems his pain is lessoned; he stands sporadically so he can pee; drinking, eating, pooping well! AND, get this: during the session, the energies were out of this world; Sonny & I both felt sooooooooooooo ALIVE.”

“Bubba’s communications are even more clear now; barks to talk…and it’s quite evident what he wants. So we’re celebrating all the yrs we’ve had together, and I’m talking to him more!”

We are so glad that Bubba is responding so well – also to once more learn how powerful remote healing is


Dismantling the Matrix from The Wordless Universe


Lisbeth: I am slowly learning the importance of The Wordless Universe. When Qisuk and I spoke about it the other day and he in his laid back way just stated that it is where you connect to life itself – or the life force of the Universe – I realized: It makes us transcend The Matrix. It makes us go beyond the Veil. Very simply and very easily.

In The Wordless Universe we are free and we connect to Universes and all the energy and information there IS. It is The Field of Unending Possibilities that they speak of in Quantum Physics – not as a concept but as a state of being. It is the creative force itself.

– From there we also can dismantle the structure of The Matrix that does not serve us, Qisuk says. We can free our selves from the thought structures that has kept us trapped in rigid and repetitive structures for thousands of years on this planet. 

The Shamans and Great Hunters from his culture know this.

– When the Americans landed on the  moon and the World was so impressed, they just smiled. We – like other indigenious people – travel to the moon and other planets and galaxies effortlessly, Qisuk says. We are not limited by the thought or physical forms of this world. We know of true freedom.

This has till now been a well kept secret amongst the Eskimo/Inuit people. When the missionaries came to Greenland they were welcomed by the friendly Eskimos. They wanted to hear about the great healer and shaman, Jesus, and expected that naturally the priests could to what he did.

When they learned that it was not so and they understood, that the missionaries did not understand their world, they politely closed the door to their fantastic universe.

This is why Qisuk is so much more relaxed in this world than I am. He enjoys the planet and nature and wants to experience as much as possible and in between he just takes a trip to the Solar System far away from ours that he calls his own. It is a place where duality exist in total and peaceful harmony.  At the same time he engages himself totally in debates and strives of making his big country a better place to be.

Becoming connected to Life itself through The Wordless Universe

They too enjoy The Wordless Universe – all the time

Lisbeth: I am slowly understanding how extraordinay The Wordless Universe is. I is not meditation, it is not Mindfulness – both are fantastic – it is something much more profound.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, once knowing the structure of the mind and thoughts it takes but a few minutes to guide groups into the state, which they immediately recognize as something very familiar – so much that they do not want to come back to “reality”. It is truly liberating.

That of course poses the question:  What is the reality that we are so used to being a part of? And how come we instantly want to give it up for The Wordless Universe once given the opportunity.

I have – like many that I know – for the last 3-4 years been through a period with some challenges and stress. The world is changing rapidly and the mind does not like so many changes so fast. But that is what is happening these days, and it does not slow down. We are in the middle of a big Shift, moving into unknown territories.

This morning I faced another challenge that would normally have ruined my day and sent me into a negative state of worrying, internal dialogue and low energy, combined with anger: When will this stop.

I know how to take myself out of these states. Still, I did not look forward to dealing with the practicalities of said situation, not at all. Waste of life, waste of time.

I do a bit of channelling and auto writing, so I asked my friends what this was about and why I had to deal with all the BS, and the response made so much sense: Normally I do well in life. I am quite skilled in making it work for me, and so the frustration is big when we do not dance well together, like I have been used to.

It is as if the rules have changed and I have not quite figured the new ones out yet. Highly irritating. Then I just want to go Home to where I know I come from.

And so I start challenging “The Universe” asking for them to communicate with me in manners that I can understand. We have had quite a few sessions like that.

Then I watch Qisuk sitting on the other side of the table in The Wordless Universe, unchallened by the chaos of life, with a little smile, enjoying what he is doing. Being at peace in the eye of the storm.

He has very human sides too, but most of the time all the bad weather of life seems to move around him – it does not affect his inner state.

This morning I really understood that I had got it: I was calm an untouched by the situation. Totally.

My “Friends” whom I talked to explained: “Only through the stress and challenges that you have experienced can you truly appreciate the extraordinary value of The Wordless Universe. You know that now and that will give you the power to bring it to the world”.

The Mind is often in fear and a bit of chaos. It is like a child in a very confusing world filled with too much information. Overload is almost normal these days – it is called stress – and the Mind does what it can to try to navigate in the chaos and help us surviving. But it is a bit like sending a 5year old out on a motorway, at least in what we call modern societies. A lot of fun too, good moments, nice people – but for far to many people the core state is far too stress- and fearful.

By entering The Wordless Univers – all that ceases immediately. Words, inner dialogue, the sense of urgency and nerveosness – chose your own – vanish like vapor in the morning sun, an calm an peace takes over. Still, you are very much awake.

The beauty is that it is a state you can take with you. It was created by eskimos who had to learn to live in an environment more dangerous than a motorway. Being in The Wordless Universe that does not matter.

“No”, Qisuk said when I told about my insights, “beacuse you are connected to Life itself.”

And then he continued writing. Of course – what else! Meaning the bigger life that reaches into and beyond the Universe.

One day our tired and worn out Mind, as we know it today, will be sent on a well deserved retirement a nice place. The Wordless Universe will take over – peace will prevail.


Another amazing story – my knees

DSC01410Lisbeth: We walked so much in London that my knees began to make noises – real noises and painful ones. I started to be a little hesitant about stairs and inside me I experienced a disbelief that i behaved like an old woman. Not possible!

My old energy logic told me that it was my weight and age – not much to do about it. To be expected and so on. But then I got on the healing table for about an hour and now we are back to normal. My knees and I are absolutely fine. Just lost about 25 years of age.

This defies all modern scientific story telling of possibilities and impossibilites. About joints that wear out and then must be replaced, painfully etc. etc.

I am glad that we did not attend to it earlier. Could have, but did not. Now I got this first hand experince of what I often see when Qisuk put his hands and energy on clients and some of their aches and pains dissapear.

It is a process. Most often it takes a series of healings – sometimes only a few – during which he creates this amazing dialogue with body and cells that allows for the healing to take place. The body knows absolutely how to use the energy and it always seeks optimal health.

It is important to know that it is not something that Qisuk alone does to you – it is a cocreation, not a magic wand although it sometimes seems to be so. So the participation and responsibility for the healing also rests upon you as a client.

I am blessed as I walk in his energy field all day long, so it drips off. The communication field is open at all times – and that is sooo good.

All is alive: The singing Plants at Damanhur


For the Eskimo and Inuit people everything is alive. The rocks, the ocean, the clouds, your car. Every thing has intelligence and consiousness and as such it must be respected.

The singing plants at Damanhur demonstrate this so clearly. By a stroke of intuition and genius some of the people in this Community in the north of Italy wanted to find out, if they could communicate with plants.

They played classical music for plants and then linked them up with a computer and a synthesizer only to learn, that the language of the plants were far more complex and extraordinary than they had ever dreamt of: The plants composed the most beautiful music.

Further the composer plants would train other plants when placed beside them for a priod of time. They learn from one and another.

This of course poses some questions: The next time you enjoy delicious vegetables or a salad you may potentially devour what could turn into a new Mozart, Vivaldi, McCartney or Beethoven.

So, is it better to be a vegetarian than a meat eater? A difficult question after this video.
But is shows the power of sound that Stewart Pearce talks about.

Enjoy more about Damanhur at http://www.damanhur.info

Stewart Pearce and the Angels of Atlantis


Celebrating Qisuk’s birthday on December 31st we were blessed with meeting and having lunch with voice coach, healer and much more – see below – Stewart Pearce. It was magical and powerful. You may meet him and have a taste of his work on this video where he teaches you to chant Magic into your Life. He is truly masterful.

During 1987 Stewart received divine transmission from a communion of twelve Orb Wanderers. This is now radical information concerning the major personal, planetary and galactic changes leading to 21.12.12. The Angels are emissaries from the Source, and at this time of vast transition provide us with twelve archetypal keys, that reflect the teachings of the Crystal Skulls, and may literally transform our lives as we experience the current Solar flashes, Galactic realignments, and Earth shifts.

Stewart Pearce is a world renowned Voice Coach with a career spanning three decades, enhancing the presentations of Margaret Thatcher, Vanessa Redgrave, Diana Princess of Wales, Dame Anita Roddick, and the LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC BID, just to name a few. Stewart was Head f Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy from 1980-1997, and Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s Globe from 1997-2008.

Stewart is also an inveterate Sound Healer, Seer and Angel Medium, teaching the intelligence and compassion of the heart, through the understanding that we each have a unique signature note, which is the song of our soul. Stewart is also an author of The Alchemy of Voice and the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards.

For more information on Stewart’s work please visit his web page.

Mother of the Sea – the Eskimo Goddess

Painted and copyright by Ib Nielsson

Her Story – a World changing idea

While a great part of the world is out of balance, the Eskimo and Inuit People hold the wisdom that can bring everybody back in harmony with Nature. For thousands of years their Goddess has been Mother of the Sea – Sassuma Arnaa. She looks after life on Earth, protecting and sustaining all living Beings.

The Eskimo and Inuit people are living a sustainable life. They have to in order to live and survive in some of the coldest areas on the Planet. They know that if they abuse Nature, Mother of the Sea will call her animals to her leaving them to starve.

When Human Beings live respectfully and in harmony with the Planet, she gracefully releases them so that the Eskimo and Inuit people can eat and live.

Mother of the Sea has a lot to teach modern men and women. This is why we have chosen to tell her story in old and new ways by letting artist bring her into life, offering to share some of the Eskimo Wisdom with the World.  

Celebrate her – and spread her Story. It is worth sharing.