The Wordless Universe

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When I met Qisuk, a shaman and healer from Greenland in the very beginning of 2012, I was stunned by two things: The powerful energy emerging from his hands and the peaceful state of mind he seemed to enjoy most of the time.

I was soon to learn that he is indeed, a powerful healer. I watched normally impossible changes happen to people in front of  my eyes and often, and tired and exhausted human beings lay down on the healing table to rise after about an hour, having seemingly lost years of their age and with alive and bright eyes.

I was though, as interested in how he maintained this peacefulness. Being trained in the art of modeling how our mind works in order to make the unconscious available to us all – I had done that for more than 25 years – I knew that I could lean from Qisuk, and so a months long process started where I observed and asked millions of questions.

He got use to this weirdness – not many people behave like I did, simply because only a few have the education to model human excellence, but I do and with more than 25 years of experience.

One day we were heading north to a meeting in Denmark, when I suddenly asked him: “What do you do about your internal dialogue?”

“Oh, that I gav up many years ago,” he responded. “That is where we create all our problems.” And then he drifted back into his peaceful state, only to be called back to my reality with the next question. “How precicely do you do that?”

Of course he did not know how – he just did it. I later learned that is it a very blissful and useful state most of the good hunters of Greenland – and women – master. You are online with everyting – with nature, the sea, the rocks, animals,other planets, universes and fellow human beings.

It is a state of mind where telepathy is a natural way of communication, and this is why the good Eskimos and Inuits do not use so many words. They communicate without – and when you already know what other people want or are about to do, words become less necessary.

I coined that the universal Language. This was normal before the tower of Babel and all the verbal communication and separation by languages became part of our lives – for good and indeed, not so good.

He was patient with me in the 4-5 months it took for me to break the code to this peaceful state, and by breaking it I mean for me to learn, step by step what to do inside me head to enter into what I called The Wordless Universe.

In the beginning Qisuk had no clue himself – it was just natural, something he learned from his people, the nature and the shamans, especially when they went out on the ice hunting.

“In that state time dissapears and you are alert and present,” he explains. “It is necessary because if you have to stand on an ice floe for 6-8 hours in the freezing cold weather looking for seals and you think too much about it and what may happen at home and about worries – you cannot cope with it.”

“But you can when you enter into The Wordless Universe and become one with all – out of time.”

I learned that this is a sort of active meditation – deep and awake at the same time. It is beyond mindfulness which is a wonderful tool. This just takes you further and the advantage is that you can use it during all activities and at all times.

When I had cracked the code and I could do it myself, it was time to test it and so I gathered some groups and took them through the process. It was a success – and it was easy. It is a state of mind most long for. It is like coming home, and the participants did not want to come back to the “real” world.

I do appreciate that. The good news is that once you got the key to The Wordless Universe  – it is yours for ever. You just need to remember to use it till it becomes a habit.

You are most welcome to contact me if you would like to sponsor a 3-days course – that is all it takes to learn and own it – in The Wordless Universe.


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