What clients say

This is what clients have said and written recently:

1. “Quite amazing results after 2 sessions of healing.. Follow ups once a month invaluable for Mike’s well-being. I got my husband back after 18 months of illness.” (M.B. France)

2. “A feeling of well-being and peace, to be continued.” (N. Switzerland)

3. “Backache disappears after one session. Will come back for well-being.” (France)

4. “An unplanned healing session with remarkable and unforseen results in 2 sessions in 2 different areas, one mental an the other physical, unlooked for but incredibly apparent.” From a gentleman with an extreme pragmatic attitute to life. (UK)

5. “Filled with great energy after a wonderful shamanic healing by new Eskimo Friend. The most powerful healer I’ve ever met.” (L.H. Denmark)

6. “Just a 20-minute healing session helped my back pain enormously, and, what is more important, the effect stayed. No chiropractor has been able to be that successful ever. Also , Qisuk mentioned that the reason was my emotional problem that hit my stomach…. A lot of things to think of!” (I.B. Russia)

7. “I went to him with an open mind and not particular emotional or physical issues. What I experienced as Qisuk’s wonderful hands held my head, was a complete nurturing support and comfort, just like when I was held as a baby. It was relaxing and healing. I let my thoughts drift away and just let this feeling wrap around me. If Qisuk was in Atlanta, I would go to him each mont for this feeling of well-being”. (A. Atlanta, USA)


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